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Careers With Towering Pines

Choosing the right firm for you is key to your success. We are an independent brokerage, without the fees, restrictions, and bureaucracy of a franchise. Our vision and our decisions are both developed and focused locally, with our agents’ and clients’ best interests at heart.

In the past, many real estate professionals felt their best options for training and/or wide exposure to the marketplace were limited to franchises and large, multi-state companies. Thanks to technology, that is no longer the case. In fact, the National Association of Realtors , which annually studies these things, reports that “today, not only are more than 8 in 10 brokerages independent, but the majority of U.S. agents are with independent brokers.”

Here at Towering Pines Real Estate, we make sure each agent gets individual instruction and mentorship as they set up their business model. Scalable technology solutions have made it easy for independent agents to build their businesses and their personal brands, have a wide reach, and become profitable more quickly.

Our on-boarding process is designed to get you both productive and profitable as soon as possible. We offer customized training, not just a pre-packaged, “one size fits all” program, supported by individual coaching, along with the best compensation package in the entire marketplace. We make sure each agent has detailed training and guidance on how to build their business, and you will never be wondering “What am I supposed to be doing now?”

So why should you join us? We are committed to you. We pledge to continually strive to give you every opportunity to develop your skills and your life to the highest possible level. We promise to create and maintain a professional environment with access to the best resources in the industry. We are committed to profitability as a company and to helping you achieve profitability as a real estate professional.

To learn more, or to set up a confidential interview, please call or text Allan Nanney at 910-528-1181 or email him at:

What Our Associates Say

“Why did I join Towering Pines? It wasn’t because they had the best commission split, though that was a plus, or the personalized attention and training I receive. All of these items were on my “must have” list, but what set Towering Pines apart was the people. Allan & Terry have the expertise to help me grow my business. They aren’t just trying to get numbers in their firm, they really care about each of us and are always available to take my calls and respond quickly to my emails. Allan & Terry are people I trust, and in real estate, reputation goes a long way. Working at Towering Pines feels less like being in a business and more like being in a family. That’s because they maintain a nurturing work environment that cultivates success. I’m a better agent because I work with Allan & Terry.” Aaron R.

“I joined Towering Pines Real Estate because I trusted in both Allan & Terry. What they have done for me has exceeded my expectations. I have grown, flourished and surpassed my goals. I want to thank both of them for believing in me and devoting the time and effort into making my hopes and dreams become reality.” Billy Y.

“Starting a new venture for me was scary. I had worked at the same place for 20+ years, and I was that employee who came to work and just did my job. I did not have to do any marketing, or self-promotion – someone else did all that. So, after retiring from Moore County EMS, I decided to get my real estate license. Wow, what a decision, and a good one! It was scary, but after talking with Allan about what he, Terry and the company stand for, what they could teach me, not just about being an agent, but running my own business, and what they offer their agents, I knew this was the right place for me, the place I would not be just a number. Was I right? Yes without any doubt, Towering Pines Real Estate is the firm I need to be with. The experience that Allan and Terry both possess is a wonderful benefit. Having a desk at the office is optional here, but I choose to do that, and I’m able to ask questions, discuss ideas I have and get quick responses about what may or may not work, all while I’m growing my business.” Diane W.