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What’s for Lunch?

I normally bring my lunch to work. That works for me – it’s less expensive, convenient, and uses up my leftovers. But, almost every day, I get to see (and sometimes drool over) what the “lunch crowd” has ordered in from nearby restaurants. Sometimes it sounds like the Andy Griffith show as they “mmm” & “ahhh” over their meals, and sometimes I hear a few complaints about the small cup of iced tea they got or the fact that their meal doesn’t have the pickle spear that’s supposed to come on the side. These “reviews” are all great for me because, on the rare occasions I do order in, I will have previewed what all the local restaurants have to offer. So, when that day comes and one of my coworkers goes to pick up lunch, I have a tough choice to make. What’s the verdict, you ask? Here are my top five choices for the day when I choose order in!

#5 – Chicken Sandwich from KFC (or the pot pie – can’t decide which!) – I love the pot pie, but the Chicken Sandwich looks really good, too. A giant, fried chicken breast on a hamburger bun smothered with mayonnaise: substantial and filling. Or if comfort food is what I’m needing that day, the pot pie will always satisfy.

#4 – Berry Bowlful – I love fruit and these fruit bowls are absolutely beautiful works of art! I am hard-pressed to decide between the Paradise Bowl, the Bad Apple, or the Maple Harvest Bowl. The Bad Apple and Maple Harvest Bowl are seasonal, so maybe I should go with one of those since they won’t be around for long. I can have the Paradise Bowl at any ol’ time, as I imagine myself eating that tropical fruit on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean…

#3 – Patty Melt from The Ice Cream Parlor (with extra-crispy fries) – Sliced bread for a bun isn’t my first choice, but this Parlor Patty Melt looks pretty good! They dress it up a bit with caramelized onions (can’t go wrong there) and garlic aioli, and they put it all between two slices of rye bread and grill it. That’s flavors I can go for!

#2 – Cheeseburger from Kickback Jack’s (with extra-crispy, hand-cut fries) – My coworkers get their “award-winning wings,” but what tempts me is the “Classic Cheeseburger,” medium-well with American cheese (and bacon, of course). This is the best-looking burger I’ve seen in a while – so thick you have to hold it with two hands, juicy, drippy, sandwiched on a soft brioche bun. Yum!

#1 – Meatball Sub from (formerly) Grinders & Gravy – I’ve never heard of “Tomato Gravy,” but in combination with the large meatballs & mozzarella on this sub, I’d be willing to try it. (Truthfully, it looks like marinara to me but, after a little internet research, I’ve learned that there is a difference.) Unfortunately, I can’t even get this sub right now because Grinders & Gravy has been flipped back to Curt’s Cucina. But soon The Gravy Train food truck will open in Red’s Corner, and I’ll be able to try one then.

Runner Up – I haven’t seen any food from SoPies NY Pizzeria, but I would definitely try them because (1) I love pizza, and (2) I think the name is clever! With menu items like Margarita Pizza, Stromboli, or a Cheese Steak Sub, I can’t go wrong!

And for dessert, there’s no question – a PB&C cupcake from CCups Cupcakery. I’ve tried a couple of flavors from there and, so far, this is my favorite! A chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream & Reese’s crumbles…what’s not to like?

So there are my Top Five Order-in Lunches, along with dessert. What food do your coworkers eat that you crave?

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