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October 2021: No Market Snapshot But Great News for Our Clients

Towering Pines Statistical Data Unavailable for October
We’ll be back with monthly statistical data as soon as we are fully integrated
into our new MLS.

Each month we have the privilege and duty of presenting statistics reflecting the state of the housing market from the previous month. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide that for the month of October, and here’s why.

Each month we pull data from the Multiple Listing System, the huge database which stores information for cooperating brokers about the status of home sales. In it, agents can find information on active listings, pendings, closings, property pictures, specific information about the properties, and other data such as tax information and sales history. Mid Carolina Regional, the local association that primarily serves Moore County, recently joined a much larger MLS, NC Regional, enlarging our service area to cover 31 counties, 361 towns & cities, and 10,300 cooperating brokers, geographically covering almost half the state. Towering Pines Real Estate can now access almost all the listings from counties as far north as Nash County, as far west as Anson County, as far south as Horry County, SC, and as far east as Hyde County. Along with that access comes a whole new host of tools to further equip us in helping our clients. The one caveat to all this great news is that there is a short period of time during the transfer when some of the statistics will be greatly skewed and inaccurate.

Stats such as absorption rate, days on market, and other historical data will not be up to date until our previous MLS is completely integrated into NC Regional MLS. While this is a temporary inconvenience, we will continue our “market snapshot” once everything is integrated. In the meantime, we are excited about the new changes and the benefits that this new MLS provides our clients. Want a vacation house on the coast? We can help you find one. Interested in a small-town home? We have access to a lot more small towns to aid in your search. Ready to sell? You will now have over 10,000 agents able to access your listing!

So while we’re waiting on the integration and honing our skills with all the new technology, we stand ready to help you find your new home, anywhere from here to the coast!

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