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My Dream Home vs. The Home of My Dreams

When I get frustrated with life stuff, I often fantasize about just picking up and moving to some remote island. The other day I suggested to my husband that we go off-grid and move to one of the 700 islands in the Bahamas. No one would know where we are, and no one would bother us. He nixed that idea quickly, though. Apparently, he’s developed an affinity for electricity and internet. So much for off-the-grid!

All kidding aside, my real dream home actually does lie somewhere in the Caribbean. Almost any island will do, so long as the host country has a stable government and a stable economy. As for the house itself, there are a few “must-haves” on my list: it should be beachfront, air-conditioned (at least at night), have a nice kitchen with windows overlooking the ocean, an oven, and a covered outdoor space. As for the lot itself? I want sand, not rocks! Truthfully, I’d forego the whole list and settle for a little shack on the beach.

But do I dream of this tropical island home at night? Nope. The houses I dream about are in strange, remote locations with bizarre layouts: hallways that never end, whole rooms for storage, and secret cubbies to hide valuables. Sometimes there are even guest appearances by movie stars from shows no longer airing.

The houses we dream about can be way out there, with unrealistic features and weird layouts. But a dream home is tangible: a goal to work toward and something to look forward to one day owning. So if your “must-haves” include property near water or a golf course, keep in mind these differences in terminology so that you actually get what you’re hoping for.

Oceanfront vs. Beachfront – An oceanfront property is along the coastline and has water views, but the topography isn’t necessarily sand; it could be on a rocky beach or on a cliff. A beachfront property has an ocean view but also has direct access to a sandy beach.

Oceanfront/Beachfront vs. Oceanview – Oceanfront/Beachfront properties have a more direct view of the water and are, by definition, oceanview. A property qualifies as oceanview when some location on the property has a view of the ocean, no matter how small. The same definition holds true for waterfront vs. waterview. So the difference between the two could be contrasted like this:

Beachfront (direct access to a beach, direct water view)
Oceanview (you may see only this much ocean from somewhere on your property)

One item of note for oceanview properties: ask your real estate agent to research the area plats to make sure there is not another buildable lot between you and the water/ocean, potentially ruining the beautiful view you’re after. It would be heartbreaking to have your beautiful view blocked partially or entirely by another structure.

Seasonal Waterview – There is no such thing as “seasonal waterview.” This is a deceptive term meaning that during winter, when the trees shed their leaves, you have a glimpse of the water.

Golf Front – a property adjacent to a golf course

Happy hunting for your dream home! I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for!

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