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Bouquets of Newly Sharpened Pencils…

One of my favorite movies is You’ve Got Mail, and there’s a line in the movie where Joe Fox says, “Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

But you don’t have to be in New York to embrace fall. Cooler weather, changing leaves, falling “helicopters,” and ripe apples are all reminders that summer is winding down and autumn is just around the corner! So, once you’ve finally traded in your swimsuit & flip-flops for pencils & crayons, it’s time to start decorating!

As with all decorating, you can go simple or elaborate. For those whose days are full, here are a few simple ideas to welcome the season:

  1. Create a pop of color with mums. Yellow, orange, & purple mums sport festive colors and look great anywhere from the dining room table to the porch steps outside.
  2. Bring nature indoors by creating fall centerpieces for the table or mantle with items such as fall leaves, small branches, gourds, and pinecones. Showcase the items in recycled glass jars, tin buckets, or small wooden boxes dressed up with seasonal ribbons.
  3. Use aromatherapy to enhance your surroundings by lighting vanilla, apple, or other seasonally scented candles; or try making your own simmering potpourri by using a combination of sliced apples, oranges, cloves, cinnamon, or pine needles.
  4. Stop by your nearest dollar store and pick up some inexpensive fall-themed candy dishes. Use them around your home to hold seasonal candy or everyday items such as desk or beauty supplies.
  5. Scrounge around the house for tucked-away items that you can tweak to make great fall decorations: an old sun hat becomes a new door decoration; discarded chairs or stools become plant stands; unused baskets are perfect for filling with pinecones or gourds, etc.
  6. Make easy fall throw pillows by sewing two identical autumn placemats together & stuffing them with Poly-fil. (If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can use fuse tape & an iron to fuse the placemats together.)
  7. Welcome friends and visitors by making one of the simple fall wreaths demonstrated in this video by Hometalk:

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There you have it! Quick, simple, & inexpensive ways to get your home ready to receive fall with open arms! What better way to enjoy the season than to showcase it all around you!

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