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Monthly Archives: December 2022

    November 2022 Moore County Market Snapshot

    By Admin | December 15, 2022

    To know where the housing market is trending, it’s important to look at statistic comparisons over time. Compared to last month, the months of inventory and days on market have increased, while the sold-to-list ratio and average sales prices have decreased. While most of the active listings have been for homes that are $500k or... Read More

    Jumping on the Gnome Bandwagon

    By Admin | December 3, 2022

    Have you ever wondered about garden gnomes and why they’re found everywhere? With a history rooted in ancient Rome, these iconic creatures are the most popular garden decorations in the western world. Throughout their history, they were believed to be a good luck charm. In ancient Rome, these statues represented Roman gods, ensuring a successful... Read More